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In a Nut Shell

               "Snow-Line Rainbow" by James Wray
The Rainbow, empty of objective solidity, yet real in appearance, is symbolic of appearances arising to awareness in consciousness.  

Self Realize Now    
In Two Sentences?  

Q.  Can you give us some insight into Self-Realization in Two Sentences?

A.  Your fundamental self-nature is present right now in every moment, so you can definitely Self Realize Now.

The only, in-your-face, problem is mistaking the presence of appearances, i.e. awareness of your own self-expressing presentations in consciousness, i.e. your Self, for the world of objects they simply represent.

Q.  OK,  but how is that actually a problem?

A.  By not recognizing your real nature as Being your own field of awareness-experience, you lose track of your self and remain always caught up in the plays of the world, and your own fancy of it, engaged in your own mistaken notion of an involvement with the world which is actually an involvement of your bodily vehicles with the world.  Unwittingly involving our self nature, Being pure witness-experiencer, with our conceptual world is a trap we simultaneously create and snap ourselves into.

Q.  Actually, I don't feel trapped at all.  I am free to think what I want, say what I want and do what I want.  How can it be that I am somehow "trapped"? 

A.  All that you think, say and do is thought, said and done mostly with regard to the world.  You don't realize the significance of your Awareness that you have of your world-related thought, speech and action, nor the significance of the consciousness in which all the appearances arise, nor the significance of these appearances, which truly are the only experience of the world you can ever have.  You have given your self-nature, consciousness-experience-awareness, your very Self, over to an unwitting engagement, involvement, entrapment, with your "world" of experience.  Self-Realization is nothing other than Realizing your nature as Being consciousness-awareness, as Being the totality of your awareness experience, including your consciousness display experience of the world appearance.  What you are not is something of the world itself, such as your body-brain vehicle, which you are actually using exactly like you use your car.  Entrapment is associating your experience of the world with the world, to the point where you believe you, Consciousness-Manifestation-Awareness, are something belonging to the world itself.

Q.  Your words sound good, but misleading.  It is obvious to me that I am something of the world, so your arguments are just as obviously false from the beginning.  If you really have a case to prove then please prove it!

A.  Look at an object before you, a chair or anything.

Now let your eyes defocus so the object appears fuzzy.

Ask yourself "Did the actual chair become fuzzy or just the appearance of it?"

If it was the actual chair that became fuzzy, then how did defocussing your eyes do anything to the chair?  Did it also get fuzzy for someone else who saw it sharply?  You cannot convince me, or yourself either, that the actual chair became fuzzy just because it appeared fuzzy to you.

If it was the "appearance" of the chair that became fuzzy, then are you "seeing" the actual chair, or are you "seeing" only an appearance of it?   You must decide this for yourself!!

When you conclude that it is only an "appearance" of the chair that you are "aware" of, then you will have to confront the question: "How does this "appearance" occur in the space that obviously contains an actual chair?"

I'll leave you free to offer your own answer to this, but I will suggest that this appearance arises in a field of essentially unlimited potential for the arising of appearances, a potential field we might label with the name "Consciousness".  

Thus we have "Awareness of"  "Appearances arising"  "in Consciousness."

If we make the assertion that 
"Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness" is a state of Being, then, since we ourselves experience this very Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness, we also are such Being.

Being Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness, when we allow Awareness to involve itself with, to attach itself to, a conceptual notion that the mere appearance of the chair, an appearance arising in our own self-nature as consciousness, is instead the actual object world chair, then we ourselves become "trapped" in this mis-association with the object world.  A consequence of this "involvement by mis-association" is our automatically improperly assigning all sorts of temporal world conditions such as birth, death, decay, etc to our timeless nature as Being, leading to all sorts of unwarranted neurosis and neurotic behaviors based on this mistaken involvement.

Self-Realization doesn't mean that we disengage from our physical world bodies any more than realizing we are not our automobiles means we should get out of them while going down the freeway, but it does mean that we should view our bodies as wonderfully functional vehicles that we definitely enter at birth and definitely exit at death, without necessarily any more fanfare than getting in and out of our automobiles to go to the drive-through bank, drive-through cleaners, drive-through restaurant and back home again, again and again.  It would seem that the sooner we self-realize, and become well-adjusted to this simple reality, the better for all of us.

Q.  OK, but being a religious person I am not sure how to take some of this, and I don't know how a non-religious person would take it either.

A.  Perfect!  Whatever your Religion or your Philosophy,
you will find you can fit this gracefully within the space of its teachings.  At our very core all beings are One in Supreme Being, which display as the One Consciousness-Awareness is utterly ineffable yet infinitely supportive of all beings everywhere, which we on this precious little planet are rapidly coming to realize is a cosmos vaster in dimensions and energies, awareness and consciousness, great and subtle, than all of us together can ever hope to imagine; but together in it as One is where we do so need to start.

A very good place to start is by gaining a deeper practical understanding and practical Self-Realization we all so desperately need, without realizing it,  right here with 

Self-Realization, One's Own Journey from self to Self-Liberation in the World of Today presented free in its entirety at  

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Twitter Lecture Part 1

Ok I'm putting on a different hat now. For the time being you will kindly know me as Dr. Wray. I'm the Professor of this subject.


I'm going to hold a class here. At first this is not a seminar. I'll simply be lecturing.


If there are questions, we can take them at the end. I don't expect anyone will actually pay any attention to this, but if you do - great!


I've been studying this subject for nearly 40 years, so I am not a beginner, but like any scientist (root: to know) I am always a student.


Some background: My wife and I were students of Swami Rama since the late 1960's and practiced as he taught us.


So I am familiar with Raja Yoga or Astang Yoga. His master was Tibetan, although he was Indian. He did not subscribe to any particular religion, but his faith was deeper than faith itself.


I am also a student of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, through Dr.I. K. Taimni's book The Science of Yoga. Decoded, this teaching allows one to penetrate deeply into subtle levels, or to subtle vehicles in a few breaths together with simultaneous shifts of attentiveness.


I'm not going to address that here, but it forms a portion of my grounding in the notion of "vehicles" for awareness.


Third, along with many of us, I discovered the availability of Teachings on Tibetan Buddhism early on with essentially every book that came out up till the 1990's when I couldn't keep up any more.


What a treasure they, and their translators have given us.


I did not have the good fortune of receiving Tibetan teachings directly until only a few years ago, but the early books have a wealth of information. I will address only what is available in those public books, so this is of course an entirely open teaching.


I want to begin with what is obvious to anyone, and then try to keep it obvious as we get into it. Naturally many of you already have teachings from these sources, but Please bear with me, as I am going to take everything out of their original context and put them into one that is not specific to Tibetan Buddhism, or even Buddhism, because we are talking about something entirely Universal, so it should be universally acceptable, irrespective of religious context, including athiest and agnostic perspectives.


Obviously this isn't for everyone, but it should be available for anyone, so I have made the effort to put it into context acceptable to anyone. I will mention at the outset that most of this is already freely available on the web at , but there will be some things here that are not in that text.


OK. Back to Point 1.

How we sense visual scenes and interpret them.


There is a physical object world, and our body-brain systems are part of the physical world. With our eyes we "see" a physical object by the light that travels from the object to the lens of the eye and is focused on the retina, essentially like with a camera or video camera. The detected image is passed on to the brain for processing, after which, in some process no one yet understands, this processed image displays for us effectively projected onto the object the light originally came from.


The original light was captured by the retina, so it stopped there. What we see in the display is therefore Not the physical light from the object, but some other form of luminous display. Technically that itself is quiet amazing, but even more amazing is how we skip all this reality of what is happening and simply jump to the conclusion that this marvelous display is none other than the physical world object that it represents.


We just automatically feel as if we are looking at the physical object directly.


This is like thinking the talking head in the TV is the actual person, when it is anything but! Now this may seem a bit trivial,Like who cares, it works fine for me. Besides, if I went through all that analysis I would probably miss the bus, so real waste of time.


This is perfectly true and there is a very simple reason it works smoothly without us giving it a second thought.


The reason lies in the key nature of the physical body-brain. The body-brain is a DNA biomachine. The DNA has evolved its formula for survival and reproduction in the cauldron of if it works a bit better, its chance of having offspring increase.


Evolving over millions of years, modern DNA provides us with these Body-brains, well coded, programmed, to accept the non-physical display as being the actual physical object directly.


OK up to this point no one has any argument with this, because I haven't postulated HOW this display manages to exist at all. Everything else is either obvious or beyond reasonable doubt.


The key thing to keep in mind from this, however, is that we are witnessing some sort of display and not the actual object world, which, strangely, in the direct sense, remains "unseen".


OK We'll take a break here. In the next part we are going non-physical.


Twitter Lecture Part 2


On the Non-Physical Side


To introduce this aspect of the subject I want to first call attention to the James Houston – Leininger reincarnation ( and simply set that out as sufficiently establishing the reality of this process, for anyone who might have doubted.  Of course there are thousands of reincarnation cases known, and certainly among the most important are those of the Tibetan Tulkus.  From the remarkable Tibetan Tulku tradition arises a rich body of information regarding the nature of the experience and the process, a significant portion of which is presented in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  A very key element of our understanding is derived from this material. I will address it later.


First, I want to call attention to a much more common experience, partial recall of death or rebirth experiences.  As in the case of James Houston, memory of death may be more common than we might think. Two of my close relatives clearly recall a previous death.


Memory of the death experience is very interesting because it cannot be conveyed by DNA (obviously). In fact the only information transmitted by DNA from one generation to the next, and hence at all, must be in place in the DNA of the parents at the time of conception of the offspring. 


Thus memory of death experience requires an “information transport” mechanism other than a physical body. Although the possibility of some other physical energy transport mechanism is not ruled out, whatever the nature of the mechanism remains unknown.


Let’s simply designate the transport mechanism as a “vehicle”.  Of course there is an enormous body of literature from many traditions and cultures referring to subtle, presumably “non-physical”, or dis-embodied entities, so we simply adopt the notion of non-physical vehicles as being relevant to the reincarnation process, and that one property of them is memory. How it works we leave for another generation to address.


Now we return to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which we know deals with experiences garnered through vehicles involved in the “trans-migration” or “bardo” process from death of a previous physical Body-brain to entering into a birth process of a successive physical Body-brain.


Quotes are from the Shambhala Dragon Edition, Original Text by Guru Rinpoche according to Karma Lingpa, Translation and Commentary by Francesca Fremantle & Chogyam Trungpa, 1987.


 The focus I am taking here is not on the psychological aspects but rather on the experiential aspects.  We get straight to the core of it with the following, describing conditions of experience in the bardo of becoming, prior to taking a rebirth body.


“… as you are a mental body, and your mind is separated from its support [ie. now non-existent physical body-brain] you have no material body …”


“.. even if you were blind, deaf, lame and so on when you were alive, now in the bardo your eyes see form, your ears hear sounds and all your senses are clear and faultless, so it is said ‘complete with all the senses!’”


One sees appearances and takes them to be real, exactly like we do in a vivid ordinary dream.


“…at this time projections of men and women … will appear.”  “The … projections and all these apparent phenomena are illusory in their real nature.  However they appear, they are not real.”



The key thing to keep in mind from this, the non-physical intermediate state experience, is that we are witnessing some sort of display, a “projection, exactly as we do in our ordinary waking state in the physical body-brains we have right now.


Now if we assume the view common to scientific interpretation of related factors, that we should adopt the simplest explanation consistent with observation, we conclude that the processes that give rise to the witnessing of  “display of appearances” in the non-physical intermediate state must be the same as the processes that give rise to the witnessing of “display of appearances” in the physically-embodied waking state, our state right now, the differences being due only to the differences in the sensors and the brain’s contribution to what is being  passed on up to “Display”. 


This is an astonishing conclusion, flying in the face of notions that vision, for example, some how arises entirely within the physical bio-mechanism of the body-brain!


For us, the main point to be realized is the deeply profound nature of even the “ordinary” vision process producing the appearances we see before us, and our awareness of them even in this present ordinary waking experience.



We should let this soak in, ponder the reasoning as to whether it is proper or not, and just to come to appreciate anew how remarkable our present condition truly is. 



We still look into what this means in terms of how amazing our present condition is in the context of Being, and the effect of the physical body-brain’s DNA code on the non-physical vehicles of the bardo of becoming and beyond.      




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